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Probate Process

Probate TaxesAs Executor or Personal Representative, here is just a partial list of your duties and responsibilities:

  • Handle Estate Administration
  • Complete the Required Forms
  • Submit Forms to the Proper Court
  • Petition the Court for Appointment As Executor of the Estate
  • Get Surety Bond Ensuring Performance of Your Duties
  • Publish Legal Notice for Creditors and Unknown Heirs to Be Aware of Proceedings
  • Locate and Take Possession of all the Decedent’s Assets
  • Examine Decedent’s Records to Identify all Banks, Savings & Loans, Credit Unions, Pension Plans, Ira’s, and Insurance Policies With Decedent’s Assets
  • Transfer all Securities and Accounts to the Executor’s Name
  • Collect Dividends, Interest, Rental Payments, Note Payments, and Royalties for the Estate’s Beneficiaries
  • Collect Life Insurance Proceeds
  • Arrange Immediate Management of Rental Properties
  • Inventory all Assets and Arrange for Appraisals.
  • Determine Funds Needed to Meet Interim Payments of Mortgages and Notes Due
  • Collect all Bookkeeping Records
  • Sell Appropriate Assets
  • Pay all Expenses and Valid Claims
  • Defend the Estate As Needed
  • Prepare and File all State and Federal Tax Returns
  • Pay Any Outstanding Property, Sales, Federal, and Other Taxes Pending Asset Liquidation
  • Prepare Statement of all Receipts and Disbursements
  • Pay all Remaining Fees and Distribute Assets According to the Will

OR… you can hire an experienced Probate Attorney to handle all of it for you.

CONTACT US for a list of experienced Tarrant County Probate Attorneys.